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20 Feb Pin It – A quick guide to Pinterest

Pin it ??? WHAT ? – Understanding Pinterest !


So you’ve just got your head around Facebook, learnt the difference between private chat and posting to public (only after offending a few people !). You’ve managed to send a few Tweets without breaking the internet , figured out how to follow and Retweet and you’ve even picked up a celeb follower, you’re feeling pretty damn pleased with how techy you’ve suddenly become…… and then someone says it …… ‘Are you on Pinterest then? “ AAAGH . Your techy persona crashes as you suddenly realise you’ve another area online to master.

But don’t panic ! Lets go through this quickly and simply before you have a meltdown and see if we can establish if Pinterest is for you and your business.

Firstly, the benefits of Pinterest for business. Anyone in a creative capacity at some stage has created a mood board, maybe it was in school, college, maybe as part of a job or a project, collecting visuals that help portray your idea and thoughts on whatever subject you are using. Well pinterest is this but in a digital form. So you see things online and you pin them, creating a collection of mood boards of sorts , topics you choose and images you find visually appealing. And not just pics of cakes and cute animals, you can pin text heavy images, blogs, recipes, whatever you want.

The advantage for your business is that your boards and pins can tell the story of you and the image you are creating for your business. The customer can engage with the visually appealing images you choose to share, maybe your inspirations, tips, products, its like the colours you need to paint your business picture !

Some stats to help you decide if its for you : It is being claimed by many reliable sources that Pinterest has the fastest rate of growth currently in social networking. Product pins with listed price are much more effective than ones without. Women make up almost 60% of the Pinterest user pool. Sales conversion rates at present are edging better than Facebook or Twitter depending on the articles you read. Shoppers referred to a website via Pinterest spend on average 10% more than being referred from other sources.

pinterestmemeSo in your own line of work , see it as your chance to show your expertise to your potential customer base. For example if I’m a stylist I would create a series of boards like “Hot Pink Trends Spring/Summer 2015” “Dressing for a Winter Wedding” “The Best Accessory Trends 2015”, and within these individual boards I pin my suggestions, my products, I am giving the customer the full picture of what works together rather than sending them a website image of a pair of shoes or a trendy tshirt. I’m selling them the package and making them see that bigger picture, within which lies MY PRODUCT ! And for the techy bit, it increases your online visability and helps your SEO ranking by providing extra backlinks to your website, laymans terms MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE, BETTER VISABILITY OF YOUR BUSINESS .

So once you have created these beautiful boards, heres where the magic happens. The lovely people who are suddenly aware of you and your passion for your product because of this visual you have created, well they are going to like and repin it , sharing it with a bigger potential customer base , spreading your products and your brand. Their friends might love it too and in turn repin and on and on it goes, giving you the potential to spread your visual in a very simple and natural way and whats the best bit is they share because they actually like what you are doing so starting off that’s a much better stepping stone for making that sale

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So if you want to give it a go here are some things to bear in mind . Make sure your business description is as exciting as your pins, don’t be afraid to look to your peers and competitors to see what they are doing, you want to get it right and do what works so do your homework. Make sure you keep a Hot Sellers board or Top Products to keep all informed of your current trends. Make sure you make your descriptions interesting, use good descriptive words and make sure you link back to original images on your website.   Most importantly HAVE FUN ! This is your business self portrait so make it as amazing as your business !

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